Authentic Modern Beautiful High School Senior Portraits

I am a photographer specializing in high school senior portraits that showcase their authentic style and spirit in a fresh modern way while drawing out their essence and beauty that they possess inside. Through nearly a decade of experience in creating photos for high school seniors around the world and now at my studio in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon, I have developed a knack for capturing each seniors's story and inner beauty.

I understand the struggles that many of them deal with such as self-confidence, self-love, and body image. Oftentimes we hear that "we are not enough" – not tall enough, thin enough, blonde enough, blue eyed enough, feminine enough, athletic enough or anything else. I am on a mission to change this perception because every woman is "enough" just the way they are, and I work to prove that through my photography.

The magic really happens when I turn my camera around and show a client her portrait. No matter how often I take photos, I love the moment when I show a senior what she really looks like and the beauty that the world sees in her authentic self.

Never stuffy or uncomfortable, my modern high school senior portraiture process captures the who they are right now in this pivotal moment in time as they are almost out of childhood and entering into the next chapter of their life, adulthood. Every girl is beautiful, and I am privileged to help each of them see how she really looks and show off her own true authentic style and spirit through the beauty she possess.

I look forward to working with you to tell your authentic modern and beautiful story. Give me a call and let's chat about how you want to be photographed.