SENIOR BOY MOMMAS, looking for senior boy pictures!  It’s time! Woohoo! 

Did you know that we offer an AWESOME CLIENT EXPERIENCE for our boy clients too?!? Heck, yes, we do! Here’s the experience we can provide your son for his senior pics!

Pre-Session Prep: We send you and your senior guy all kinds of tips and tricks to help you both get ready for his big day! Our senior guy welcome packets include a what-to-wear guide, where to shop for your session outfits, how to prep your face and grooming tips, and more!

Outfit Styling: not only do we send you a what-to-wear guide, but on the day of his session, we’ll help curate a set of outfits full of variety and elements that will help accentuate his best features! We can help you build a complementary set of outfits that will provide enough variety for a dynamic image gallery! 

Session Day Fun: Our goal for our guy clients is to have a blast! We know most boys think picture sessions are boring, so we pride ourselves on lots of action shots and laughing in between sets! 

So, let’s book your son’s senior session! Fill out our contact form HERE, and we’ll start the booking process immediately!