As you're counting down the days until your senior session, there are three appointments that you'll want to make before your big day. These appointments will ensure that you are portrait-ready for your session and help relieve much of the stress of preparing.


Get your manicure and pedicure done a day or two before your senior session. This will ensure your polish and cuticles are fresh and ready to frame your face. Do you want to go the extra mile to ensure your nails are session-ready? Follow these quick tips:*

1. Keep it neutral: Getting trendy with nail color can date your senior pictures, and you want to remain classic and timeless with beautifully polished neutral nails. Go for shimmery nudes or subtle shades of blush. Our top 3 favorite polish tones are OPl's Substantially Tan (a blush-tinted neutral beige), Cosmo- 's Not Tonight Honey (a shimmery pale champagne), and Bare My Soul (a very natural nude).

2. Keep your hands moisturized. Moisturize for the entire week before your session. Use a heavy moisturizer on your hands, cuticles, and nails to help heal cracked skin or broken nail beds. Sometimes, your mani/pedi appt can be a bit harsh on the sides of your nail beds, so make sure to use a salve like O'Keefe's Working Hands Cream or Aquafor Healing Ointment.

3. Don't destroy your nails. Try not to bite your nails or pick at your fingers for several weeks before your session. Red, flaky, and peeling skin around your nail beds can be unsightly in your photos, so do whatever you have to do to ensure that you keep your nails and fingers damage-free.


Exfoliation and moisturization are important for a smooth makeup application, so why not let the professionals handle it? Book a facial with your fave esthetician a week before your session to ensure your skin is makeup-ready on your big day.

Here are 5 things to remember to tell your esthetician when booking your appt:"

1. Stay away from peel treatments. This is not the time for a chemical peel or any other harsh exfoliant peel that will leave you with red, inflamed, and peeling skin. Opt for a super gentle exfoliant (as explained below) and an ultra-hydrating treatment to leave your skin beautifully supple and moisturized."

2. Don't allow any extractions for this specific appointment. "Picking at the skin should be avoided at all costs, including professional extractions, as these can leave your pores red, inflamed, and even scabbed in days.

3. Avoid salicylic acid. Avoid using salicylic acid products at least a week before your

senior session. It can leave your skin red and extremely dry, making it look patchy and textured. This will also be problematic when applying makeup as it can settle in the patches."

4. Ask for gentle exfoliation. 'Exfoliate with a gentle physical exfoliator at least 4 days before your application session. It will help reduce dry patches and texturing. It will also smooth your skin, making your airbrush foundation apply smoothly to your face.

5. Now is the time to groom your brows. 'Please groom your brows so they look clean! If you wax or tweeze your brows, do this at least a week before your session, usually at the same time as your facial. Brow waxing can cause a lot of redness and swelling, in some cases even some scabbing, which is why it's smart to have it done a week before to ensure they have time to heal if necessary.


Book a trim and color session with your stylist a week before your portrait session. Here are 5 things to remember when booking this appointment:

1. Avoid drastic changes: now is not the time to change your hair color or opt for a big chop. It will be immortalized in your senior pictures if you hate it. Yikes!*

2. Touch up your roots: if you dye your hair, this is the perfect time to color your roots so they're cohesive with the rest of your hair. Please don't expect your photographer to handle that in Photoshop- that specific editing process is time-consuming (multiplied by every single image in your gallery) and may cause your photographer to charge you extra for the unexpected time spent fixing this issue.

3. Maintain your highlights: if you have them, now is the time to refresh them. Make sure to use a salon-grade shampoo and conditioner that won't make your highlights brassy during your session.*

4. Get a fresh trim: get rid of any and all dried and split ends so that your hair looks flawless for your big day. Subtle, long layers photograph beautifully if you want to change it up a bit.

5. Don't forget your extensions: if you are wearing extensions for your senior pictures, they will need to have the same treatment (color and/or highlights) as the rest of your hair to ensure they seamlessly blend in.*

Before you book all these other appointments, you'll need to book your senior session date first! Complete our contact form, and we'll send you our available dates and senior magazine with details of our sessions, prices, and booking process!