I get a lot of Iola area seniors who come to me nervous about their session day. Not about the pictures, but more about the preparation for their senior picture day. They ask me, “What if I forget something?!” Well, the following list should help ease your mind while you get ready for your big day!


1. Put each full outfit on ONE hanger. This helps you see your clothes put together as whole collections instead of just pieces. This will help you see if you’re missing anything on each outfit. Don’t forget to include shoes for each outfit as well!

2. Start a senior session on a Pinterest board and include ideas for inspiration for makeup and hair. When you book with AKP, you get multiple looks, so this will help remind you of the different varieties you like. Having these images to show our makeup artist will help her apply the vision you want.

3. Pair your accessories with each outfit. This is one of the most forgotten items for session day. Include a Ziploc bag of accessory pouch for EACH outfit so you know what jewelry goes with each different outfit.

4. The last thing you’ll want to do is pack an EMERGENCY KIT!  Did you know that we have a FREE GUIDE to help you know what to pack just in case of an emergency session day?!? We do! Click HERE to grab that guide to help you remain fully prepared and calm on your senior session day! 

And don’t forget that when you hire April Kroenke Photography, you will receive a welcome packet full of tips and tricks for getting ready for your big shoot! We include everything from a face and nail prep guide to a what-to-wear magazine and even a final packing checklist before you leave for your session! Ready to book today? Connect with us using our contact form, and we’ll get your booking process started!