One of the biggest concerns seniors have regarding their graduation pictures is what to wear. You want to look trendy but classic and fashion-forward without being futuristic, am I right?  You can do a few things when putting your outfits together that can give you a more dynamic set of images that will add variety and interest to your session wardrobe set!  Want to know how to curate your senior portrait-perfect wardrobe?!? We’ve got you covered! 

Let’s discuss how to ensure your outfit choices are perfectly planned for your senior session day! 

A. VARIETY is everything! Ensure your outfits aren’t all dresses, jeans, or shorts. Try to incorporate a variety of pieces and styles (like urban, organic, casual, and sophisticated). 

B. COLORS matter! Do you know what colors look best on your skin tone?!? This can make or break the glow & color your skin gives off in your portraits.

C. Stay TRUE TO YOU! While it may be fun to wear bold patterns and colors because your friend did it and it looked great in her pics, if you normally wouldn’t wear those threads, it’s best not to. Stay true to what you would normally wear to best represent yourself. 

D. Stay classic with a TWIST OF TREND! While oversized sweatshirts & bike shorts are all the rage right now, err on the side of classic sophistication for your session day. You never want to look back on your senior pics in 5 years and say, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” 

E. Download our FREE Skin Tones Guide to help you find out what your perfect colors are so you can look your best for your senior session!  This guide will help you find out if you have neutral, warm, or cool undertones so you’ll know what colors look best on you!