Did you know we offer senior session fashion consults exclusively for our AKP senior portrait clients?!? And while most of our clients are from Iola, our fashion consults happen online, so you don’t have to leave your house!



We can do a lot during this pre-session appointment to help calm your worries and keep your session day stress-free! We like to have this consult at least two weeks before your session so that you can grab any last-minute items needed to complete each outfit if needed (like belts, accessories, etc). 

We’ll begin by discussing your usual style and how to build variety into your session outfits with the ideas of colors, outfit type, and categorical style in mind. Then, we’ll review your selected wardrobe options and curate each look individually. I’ll take notes to keep it all organized, and by the end of the consult, you’ll know exactly what you’re wearing, in what order you’re wearing it, what accessories will pair with each look, as well as what makeup and hair look will go with each wardrobe change! 


1. We will perfect and confirm each outfit you wear for your session. It’ll help give thoughtful advice, fashion tips, and tricks and add any details needed to finalize each look. You’ll know exactly what each outfit will look like and be able to organize them for packing. 

2. We’ll create a timeline for your wardrobe that pairs with each location we’ll go to. You’ll know in what order the outfits will be worn and where you’ll wear them to help organize your session itinerary. 

3. We will accessorize each outfit with jewelry, hats, jackets, scarves, etc. I’ll help you decide which jewelry to wear with each outfit and any other accessories you want to add to round out the look. 

4. We’ll also plan out makeup and hair for each wardrobe change to keep fresh variety throughout your session. We can give each outfit a specific hair and makeup style to complement the outfit for a portrait-perfect look. 

5 Finally, I’ll email you a finalized wardrobe planning sheet and packing list so you don’t have to remember everything we just discussed. This will help you organize your accessories to your outfits and pack everything you need for your senior session. 

Whew! Imagine arriving at your session already knowing exactly what you’ll wear, in what order, and with what accessories, makeup, and hairstyles for your entire session! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!? 

We are ready to book you if you want that kind of session prep help and are interested in a senior session fashion consult! Complete our contact form, and we’ll start your booking process today! 

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